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CV Writing Services in Dubai

At Art2write we understand the dos` and don’ts of preparing a CV and what works to impress the recruiter. Creating a competitive CV is an extremely time intensive and above all challenging task. Art2write is proud of delivering the best CV Writing services across Middle-east for the last 14 years. We dedicate ourselves to the highest level of quality and customer care. We have been thoroughly committed in delivering the best CV Writing services in Dubai for our customers and have a 99% record of success over the years.

When you purchase a CV Writing service from us you receive:

  • 100% ATS compatible CV for easy upload to job sites
  • Fully rewritten CV from ground up – NO copy pasting
  • Tap into your true potential with skills identification by the writer
  • Addition of relevant industry keywords that push your CV to the top
  • Delivery in 8-9 days (36 hours for express)

How does our CV Writing Service works?

STEP 1: Order Confirmation: After your payment has been successfully processed you will receive a confirmation email from us with details about the charges and services purchased. We usually revert within 6 working hours of an order confirmation although it is on most occasions earlier. If you have placed an express delivery order this will be 1-2 working hours.

STEP 2: Information Collection: We need all the information in place before our writers can start writing. Instead of contacting you as and when needed we follow a pre made questionnaire format that requests for most of the information we need in writing your CV. For example, your target job positions, what you expect from the new CV and more. The questionnaire has been prepared with years of research and experience. We understand well what our customers miss out in their old CV and the questions address those areas.

STEP 3: CV Writing: Art2write employs the best and most experienced panel of CV Writers in business in Dubai, UAE and Middle-east. So when your CV is written you can be rest assured about the quality. It is not just about re writing your CV. It requires plenty of research, study and in-depth analysis before writing begins. Once the writer is ready he outlines your primary areas of work, target positions and keywords applicable to your area of work. Each section of your CV is rewritten from ground up keeping the above criteria in mind. We write CV`s too the point and ensure it is neither too short or too long covering all your skills and accomplishments in an ATS compatible format

STEP 4: ATS and Quality check: Before your CV is delivered we audit and check it for quality concerns. Primarily if it passes through ATS (Applicant Tracking System). ATS is deployed by recruiters and employers to read your CV and parse it for their applicable job openings. So if your CV is not ATS compliant you stand to loose out on jobs. Beyond this an 18 point quality check is carried out including format errors, grammar, sentence structuring, keyword usage and more.

STEP 5: Delivery: First draft of your CV is delivered in 7-10 days time. This is 36 hours if you have availed express delivery. Your new CV is emailed in word and PDF formats. The word version is fully unrestricted and can be edited by you.

Post Delivery Service

We understand that you may have feedback regarding your newly made CV and changes may be necessary. Our writer explains you the process of sharing your feedback over email. We offer 1 (one) year of free revisions for any number of changes you may need within the scope of your profile. This does not cover new job positions. Revisions if any is delivered in 2-3 working days.

The shorter version – Resume

If you are considering to apply with a shorter version of your CV then the ‘Resume’ is the right choice. Dubai over the last few years has become increasingly competitive.  In other words there are plenty of job opportunities to make a recruiter busy. So much so that a recruiter has more than 1000 (one thousand) applications at any given time without exaggeration . This calls the need for a concise yet effective CV that portrays your experience in ideally one or maximum two pages. This is what we strive to achieve. An expert CV writer from Art2write will give you the best Resume Writing Services in Dubai to ensure your CV gets the much needed attention it has always asked for.

"My CV stands out now"

– I was enlightened. Did not know my CV was the culprit. You should not look beyond Art2write for CV Writing services.

GCC`s No. 1

    The ever-growing job market of Dubai

    For nearly 40 odd years Dubai has topped the charts as the No. 1 tourist destination in the world. Be it shopping, sightseeing, amusement parks or malls we have it all. Growth and Dubai are synonyms which can be observed with a new top of the line ultra-modern development, for example Burj Al Khalifa. Having such tremendous progress produces the need of scores of job opportunities and Dubai has been one of the leading creators for it. With cut throat competition for each job opening you certainly need to be skilled which is obviously the basic. However, to get interview calls you need an outstanding CV.

    Think you CV is good enough?

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